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Divertimento     - by  Alice Lee

          This Hong Kong blog, DIVERTIMENTO, is largely a food blog. The blogger, Alice Lee, also writes about her travels; the blog has many interesting anecdotes about living in Hong Kong as well. From reading her posts, we know that Ms. Lee is of Chinese descent, but she mentioned Hong Kong as her adopted home. We will leave it to the readers to learn more about the blogger by reading the posts where she wrote about her family life.

          In terms of HK blogs in English, the writing in this blog is among the best we have read. Though overly plain at places, written in lucid prose, Ms. Lee's writing is succinct, perspicuous, and pleasing to read.

          DIVERTIMENTO is a great source of recipes for traditional Chinese desserts, snacks, and light dishes, especially if you love Hong Kong food and Chinese-style cooking. All the recipes presented in DIVERTIMENTO have been taste-tested by the blogger. She actually cooked the food herself, then had family or friends try it out and approve it before posting the recipe in the Internet. Some of the recipes are from her own research or experimentation, but some are existing traditional recipes that she improved upon.

          Enjoy the food cooked from Ms. Lee's recipes with confidence. So far, she has not reported any gastroenterological disturbances from her testers, but received praises all around.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends DIVERTIMENTO.

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