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Dictionary of Politically Incorrect HK Cantonese 

        This Hong Kong blog, DICTIONARY OF POLITICALLY INCORRECT HONG KONG CANTONESE, unlike other HK blogs the reviewer has read, is soulful. The blogger has grit and passion. The blog reports the sentiment of HK's majority population, updating the news, surveying the city's current political scene.

        The blogger is far from a stereotypical shy and timid HK Chinese male. He speaks his mind; he is assertive and outspoken. With the blogger's background and his personal social interactions with the locals, he has the front-row view of the latest happenings unfolding in the region. The blogger reads the HK-Chinese newspapers, blogs, and publications that the natives commonly read. From his vantage point, he is in a position to know the joys and fears and dreams of the populace, and especially, the direction of the prevalent political wind.

        At times, the blogger is edgy. In some passages, the blog is a bit "rough at the edges". The news articles appearing in this blog are translated from Chinese into English in typical Hong-Kong-English grammar -- nothing wrong with that, after all, we are in HK and it should be noted here that the reviewer often writes in HK-English. This blog presents its readers a no nonsense, intimate portrait of Hong Kong with the passion of an ardent social activist.

        If you are interested in knowing what is presently occupying the minds of the ordinary people in HK, read the translated articles in DICTIONARY OF POLITICALLY INCORRECT HONG KONG CANTONESE. Through these articles, this socially conscious blogger comments on his home city uninhibitedly in an engaging and soulful voice rarely seen in HK blogosphere.


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