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Bubbington Dump    - by  Daniel Patrick Quinn

        This unconventional Hong Kong blog, BUBBINGTON DUMP, is by Daniel Patrick Quinn, a British musician, composer, producer, and performer of some note. The blogger was a Londoner now residing in Hong Kong.

        To get a feel and taste of BUBBINGTON DUMP, the following is from the "About" section of the blog:

        " Bubbington Dump is a website of cultural commentary, modern aphorisms and colloquial analysis by Daniel Patrick Quinn. Essay topics thus far include microtonal music, philosophy, outsider art, the importance of drones, British folklore, mountains and volcanoes, memes, life in Hong Kong, the experimental fringes of the music industry, recollections of Indonesia, psychogeography and atheism..... "

        From reading Mr. Quinn's posts, his English is thick, slick, distant, and detached -- some would call it wordy and redundant. Though it is fashionable for the trendy set to write like Mr. Quinn in the blogosphere nowadays, the uninitiated would find his now-fashionable writing style requires some getting used to. BUBBINGTON DUMP is not a blog for the mass audience, but with Mr. Quinn's charming air of eccentricity and fame in some quarters, we have no doubt that some would enjoy reading this curious if somewhat unorthodox blog.

        For those who like to read something different from your ordinary everyday HK expat blog, Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends BUBBINGTON DUMP.

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