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Black Renaissance 

        The blogger wrote:

        " I have said many things and thought many more things about the fashion industry and what it means. But after all the academic conjecture, intellectual posturing, and informed dialogue, the essence of fashion stays the same. Fashion is not the garments that hang sloppily on uninspiring clothes rails in retail departments. It is that magic between sight and touch, of movement and flight, of light and hidden shadows; a testament to the kind of beauty that makes one so wondrously teary. That is true fashion. "

        This Hong Kong fashion blog, BLACK RENAISSANCE, is beautifully and artfully written. The language is glorious.

        Generally speaking, it is extremely rare to see a HK fashion blog written in such lucid literary-like manner. To our reviewers, Hong Kong lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogs as a whole, among other things, are known for their assaults or mutilations of the English language. The language and grammar in many HK fashion blogs mystify us if not outright confounding, to say the least.

        The blogger, Daniel Kong, is passionate and knowledgeable about fashion. He has worked in many places and at various capacities within the fashion industry. At his relatively young age, Daniel Kong is already a veteran in the region's fashion scene. If you like to know who-is-who and what-is-what in Hong Kong's current fashion world, take a close look at BLACK RENAISSANCE.

        Though somewhat sluggish and difficult to navigate, this blog's layout is stylish, up-to-date and well-designed. Daniel Kong's blog is undoubtedly well worth a fashion enthusiast's read.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends  BLACK RENAISSANCE, an exceptionally thoughtful fashion blog where Daniel Kong pens many of his magical words on the always elusive subject of beauty.

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