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Foto Automat

          A quote from the top of this blog:

          " A testimony of my journey in the world of fashion and a style journal of those around me - all in Hong Kong. "

          The single simple sentence above introduces you to this HK fashion blog. It also gives you a sample of the blogger's Minimalist writing style she employs throughout her blog, FOTO AUTOMAT.

          This is a women's and men's fashion blog for the masses -- no pictures of tall, bony models, wearing expensive designer dresses with a detached, far-away look. FOTO AUTOMAT specializes in HK fashion from the mid-priced casual wear to modestly-priced everyday street clothes, with some wild, off-beat outfits in between.

          In her blog, Christine Ritter writes with few words, displaying photos she took of everyday fashion that people wear on the streets of Hong Kong (most photos are shot on location; some are staged). The blog records HK's current street fashion scene. The photos in this blog show you what the fashionable Hongkongers are wearing around town.

          Ms. Ritter is an excellent photographer, fashion and otherwise. FOTO AUTOMAT has a pleasant, clean layout; the writing is terse, clever, and snappy. At places, the blogger appears to be writing in code; she peppers her short prose with fashion jargon and "shop talk". But, in Ms. Ritter's hand, this only adds to the blog's charm and individuality. After all, fashion, not unlike poetry, is not to be explained but to be enjoyed. As always, in writing, quality is preferred over quantity.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends FOTO AUTOMAT. It is a playful, lighthearted, stylish blog that is meant to be enjoyed.

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