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Christian Yuen 

        In our years of reviewing Hong Kong blogs, our reviewers have read many so-called "lifestyle" blogs, both commercial and non-commercial. The blogger, Christian Yuen, describes his self-titled blog as "mainly a lifestyle blog". While most expat HK lifestyle blogs suggest -- some claim -- that they are writing about the lifestyle of Hongkongers, in reality, that could not be further from the truth. These Western expat commercial websites and personal blogs, while largely well written, are mostly depicting the lifestyle of HK's relatively small Western and Westernized communities.

        The blog, CHRISTIAN YUEN, is bi-lingual; it is refreshingly different from those blogs the reviewer mentioned above. Among fashion, art, daily life, and other topics, the blogger writes about the lifestyle of the ordinary citizens living in their native city. Christian attends the University of Hong Kong; he is philosophical and artistic. Through his writing and the readers' comments, you can learn volumes about Hong Kong and its inhabitants as well -- particularly people of the blogger's age.

        One could detect a Cantonese accent or flavor in the blogger's writing. By no means is it out of the ordinary, but it is indicative of a HK Chinese writing in English. Christian writes like his peers do. Generally speaking, the on-going social separation between the English-speaking expats and Chinese natives explains the nuances in a form of regional English that the natives commonly use as their second language. Favorably, Christian's language adds on to the blog's charm. He blogs energetically and with youthful enthusiasm.

        Christian is a talented artist, you can see some of his artwork and photos in CHISTIAN YUEN; they are vivaciously creative and imaginative. As far as HK lifestyle blogs in English are concerned, Christian presents you a picture of Hong Kong from a wider lense than you would normally see in blogs by the non-natives. If you are interested in reading about art, HK fashion, the many facets of this fascinating city and, of course, the actual lifestyle of the majority of Hong Kong's population, this blog should not be missed.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends CHRISTIAN YUEN highly. Go read CHRISTIAN YUEN and find out how the HK majority live and play. You may even find some delightful surprises along the way.

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