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Check Out Hong Kong

          Like the plot and characters in a mystery novel, many things in this Hong Kong blog, CHECK OUT HONG KONG, are not what they seem. As the mystery unfolds, at times, the blogger acts slick, rough and tough, talking as if she is a man-about-town. Her English is unmistakably of a North American big-city native but at the same time, she knows Hong Kong like she has lived in this city all her life. She can be feminine and flirtatious but often writes in the vernacular of an American ghetto resident. She dresses and looks like a teenager, however, she mentioned an ex-husband and is probably old enough to be the mother of an early teen.

        The blogger reveals nothing directly or explicitly about her background; there is no self-introduction or "About Me" in this blog. But because of her openness and talkative nature, you can learn plenty about the blogger's personal life from reading her posts.

        Whether the blogger is writing about food, music, shopping, fashion, culture, art or other topics pertaining to this city, she knows her subject matter amazingly well. She is a particularly remarkable food blogger. Her stories are all told in a voice of a rebellious, aggressive, rambunctious, street-smart youngster with a generous dose of four-letter words for effect.

        Apparently, the blogger has lived in many places around the world. Among them are Florence, Manila, Canada, Taiwan, and of course, Hong Kong. Judging by the way she writes, she likely has spent a part of her life living in the US. The blogger is tattooed, rollicking, artistic, and a fun-loving pleasure seeker. And there is more.....

        As the plot thickens, go read the blog, but only if you're open-minded and extra liberal in your thinking. You've been forewarned. A portion of this blog is devoted to food blogging, it is exceptionally informative and well-written. Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends CHECK OUT HONG KONG, however, not to everyone.

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