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        Extraordinary and its synonyms are adjectives we use often in our reviews. As HK blog reviewers, critics nevertheless, we see no redeeming value in writing a review on a blog that is merely ordinary. HK's blogging world has a myriad of run-of-the-mill blogs available online. There is nothing particularly special about them.

        That being said, in a sea of sameness, this HK blog, CERCALICIOUS, is extraordinary in many ways. Both thoughtful and stimulating, it is unlike any HK blog in English written by a HK teenager the reviewer has read.

        The idioms, syntax, word-choice, and other linguistic attributes employed by the blogger are in noticeable, everyday North-American English. It is indicative of someone who learned the English language by conversing and socializing with the native speakers at an early age. Judging by the blogger's sentence patterns and the voice of her writing, it is obvious that the blogger thinks in English while composing her blog posts -- something the non-native speakers of English normally do not do.

        Hongkongers speak Chinese/Cantonese as their first language. After reading the "About" section of CERCALICIOUS, some may suspect the blogger is not forthcoming about her background. But regardless of where and how the blogger acquired her exceptional language skills, among the blog's other attractive appeals, CERCALICIOUS is a fun and entertaining read. The blogger writes in crystal clear sentences; she is buoyant and articulate. In her blog, she expresses herself lucidly with the sensitivity and maturity of a person beyond her age.

        Go read CERCALICIOUS, a HK blog where you can learn something fascinating about Hong Kong and pick up some fine points of writing from a bubbly, aspiring young writer at the same time.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends CERCALICIOUS.

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