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Bonjour Amanda

        This food and fashion blog is by a HK celebrity and fashion model, Amanda Strang, now living in Paris. You can see all the adoring images of a well-groomed, fashionable, young woman in this blog, BONJOUR AMANDA. Everything you see in Amanda Strang's blog speaks modern metropolitan sophistication — everything is polished, neatly arranged in its proper slot, not a single hair is out of place.

        This blog is manicured by a blogger who strives for perfection. This effort extends to Amanda's writing; her prose is upbeat, feminine, straightforward, and though a bit stiff and wooden at some places, she writes in clear, complete sentences, free of the garish regional slang or unnecessary words. The YouTube videos of cooking lessons featuring Amanda as the instructor in this blog are tastefully put together (no pun intended); they're well-scripted and well-crafted, down to the fine details of the set's lighting and decor in the background.

        There has been speculation among some misinformed expat bloggers that Amanda speaks Cantonese incomprehensibly with a heavy foreign accent. Amanda is French-born with mixed parentage; her father is a Frenchman and her mother is a Chinese native of Taiwan. Native Hongkongers should have no problem understanding Amanda's Cantonese — she speaks it understandably and charmingly with a Northern or Mandarin accent. As far as we can tell, from the way Amanda speaks, she likely learned Mandarin from her mother as a first language.

        Some may dismiss Amanda Strang as a social climber and say that she is vain, shallow or materialistic, but few can deny her enormous charm, her good taste, and her refined sense of style and class.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends BONJOUR AMANDA.

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