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Olsens in the Orient   &   Asian Rise

          The HK expat blog, OLSENS IN THE ORIENT, is by a family of three, Sam & Aggie Olsen and their toddler, Lawrence, from London. They all contribute to the blog. Lawrence writes suspiciously like his father -- in distinctive British English. One naturally suspects the Olsen boy may have some help from a ghost writer.

        OLSENS IN THE ORIENT records the family's adjustment to their new home here in Hong Kong and notes the interesting and sometimes exotic tidbits of the culture they now live in. It also serves as a sort of periodic report to the Olsens' relatives and friends back home, informing them of the happenings in their expat lives and exploration in the Orient.

        Mr. Olsen is a Kosovo & Iraq War veteran and a politics veteran on both sides of the Atlantic, in England and America. He worked for Senator Arlen Specter in Washington and was involved with the Conservative Party in the UK. This blog also has a link leading to a blog, ASIAN RISE, where Mr. Olsen writes his commentaries on Asia business and politics.

        Perhaps because of Mr. Olsen's personal and professional experience in the political arenas at home and overseas, he has a worldview on politics in general. Mr. Olsen is forward-looking. He does not cling to his country's past, the empire days; he is a realist. His attitude is atypical to many of those commonly seen in expat blogs by older generations of British males. The rough-and-tumble of politics has not hardened Mr. Olsen; he is positive and far from cynical with his good sense of humor intact. A soldier's life in two wars has not dampened the blogger's high spirits.

        Mr. Olsen sees the importance of putting facts into proper perspective. For an expat blog, OLSENS IN THE ORIENT is very ordinary in some ways, but in many ways, it is extraordinary. You can find information in this blog that most expat bloggers would normally eschew.

        Out of hundreds of expat blogs our reviewers have read, this is the only one that mentioned the Opium War and the fact that, by far, Chinese are the majority in HK, where the Cantonese-speaking natives compose over 95% of the population. In and by itself, this well-documented, key part of our modern history and the not-so-widely-known population statistics seem immaterial to some. However, to see these facts brought out in a British expat blog is something we have never seen before. And more importantly, it gives us some clues about the blogger who pens two different yet equally insightful HK blogs on expat life and Asia politics. Unlike many expat blogs (ones largely only frequented by expats), the city and country Mr. Olsen lives in and writes about are places that the HK majority can relate to or identify with.

        For a less-overbearing view of the Orient, Hong Kong Blogs Review highly recommends OLSENS IN THE ORIENT and ASIAN RISE. The reviewer wonders if Lawrence Olsen has a part in the latter as well.

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