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Fashionography   - by  Amanda Lee

        At a casual glance, this fashion and beauty blog is like a myriad of blogs in the Internet. The blog, FASHIONOGRAPHY, looks pleasing though generic. But if you look closely and spend some time perusing the photos the blogger, Amanda Lee, has posted and go through some of her writing, you will find this is no ordinary blog.

        Its plain and simple layout, an elegant Minimalist style, does not distract the main elements of the blog and it lets an array of dazzling photos and the blogger's nimble, eloquent writing style take center stage. Amanda's buoyant spirit and gregarious nature give her blog a cheerful tone. She has the eyes of an artist, a keen fashion-sense, and is astutely in tune with the latest international fashion trends.

        The blog, like the blogger herself, is smart and sunny. With Amanda Lee as your fashion and beauty guide, read this blog and find out what is all the rage and fashionable in the most exciting metropolises on earth or around your corner of the globe.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends this international fashion and beauty blog, FASHIONOGRAPHY, highly.

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