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A Stranger View

        This photo blog, A STRANGER VIEW, is based here in Hong Kong. Other than that, the blogger reveals little else. Judging by the few lines and some short captions available in English, the man behind the camera and this blog is likely a person whose native language is other than English or he uses an unusual form of English grammar. But in this case, how well the blogger writes is inessential. After all, this is a photo blog and English is not our mother tongue.

        For a year, the blogger intends to post a picture he takes of a complete stranger he sees during each day of his activities around the city. He will post a new photo of a new stranger every day for an entire year. Over 365 unwitting people will have their pictures taken by the blogger by September 2011 for a total of 365 photos.

        This mysterious photographer says next to nothing in his blog; he remains largely silent. Without detailed descriptions for his photos, the blogger invites his viewers to unleash their own imaginations; he contents to let each of his photos speak for itself.

        Some words in this blog might have been put together ungrammatically, but its photos clearly speak a universal language we all can comprehend. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words". So far, each has something to say about Hong Kong or her people. And each speaks volumes.

        Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends this photo blog, A STRANGER VIEW.

Editor's Note:  Since the above review was written, the blogger has become more talkative, but his grammar improves little. This blog contains many awkward sentences and some of those "sentences" have missing verbs. With its minor blemishes, we reiterate our recommendation for this photo blog.

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