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      We have reviews on blogs from heated politics to cool  fashion ...
" Hong Kong Blogs Review is an excellent    
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- Bill  Proudfit,  Baoman's  Blog      
" The Hong Kong Blogs Review is a
  not-for-profit group that assesses blogs
    with a Hong Kong connection. It is a great
      site for browsing compelling HK content ... "

                    - Bridget  Steis,  Empress  Tea

Gillian  Chu  

          Gillian Chu, the blogger of this outstanding HK fashion blog that bears her name, is a guest reviewer of Hong Kong Blogs Review. She has a flair for fashion; we are thrilled to have her aboard.

          Gillian Chu knows Hong Kong's cultural scene intimately. The blogger keeps close contact with HK's art and fashion communities; she is in-the-know. With "a drop of a hat", so to speak, she can tell you where all the good shows and exhibits are. Gillian Chu guides you to the hot social spots where you can feel the rhythm of the city and hear the talk-of-the-town.

          Filled with a host of exciting, informative stories, GILLIAN CHU is a place where you can find out the latest scoop in fashion. In this blog, she informs you of what is fashionable on the streets of Hong Kong as well as at the classy parties around town.

          Her blog, GILLIAN CHU - A HONG KONG BLOG, should be read by those who are interested in the artsy, softer side of this city where fashion reigns supreme.

          Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends GILLIAN CHU highly.

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